Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Days and Menu Planning

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Monday: BBQ and Indian Leftovers
Marinaded Chicken Skewers and Roasted Veg, with naan and rice and much more. Dinner on the deck with the McCarthy's. 

Tuesday: Paul's famous Chili
I have a camp meeting (Paul and I are volunteering at a teen camp in late August and I have a program meeting) that includes dinner, so Paul is making his famous chili, which apparently our roommates have been "calling for". He told me this very proudly when we were shopping in the US on Saturday and he had to pick out his chili items.

Wednesday is my second meeting with the Physiotherapist after work, so I need something that I can just start serving when I get home. This is perfect. 

Thursday: Hamburger Helper
Paul is out and I'm tired, so it's an easy dinner for the students and myself. Hamburger Helper for the win!

Friday: Appie Night! Spinach Dip, Crab Dip, BBQ'd wings and Veggies & Dip
We are having the Whittons over and they love food as much as we do. I always try to make them something tasty

Saturday: YOYO (You're On Your Own) 
Paul and I are away for the day, so our students are on their own. Except for Ana, she'll be with me at the lake for the day and I'll have food for us.

Sunday: YOYO (You're On Your Own) 
Sunday we're out at the lake celebrating a friends birthday, so our housemates are on their own again. But as one of them pointed out while I was unpacking groceries from the states, that's actually just licence to eat awesome prepackaged food when they want. 

It's the time of summer where activities just seem better. 
Saturday we took a drive down to Seattle. Thankfully we left early - the border lineups were already 2 hours long by 7am!! That's unheard of! We drove over to Sumas crossing and got through in 20 minutes and were still on time for our lunch - if we'd waited at the Peace Arch we would have been late for sure! We were meeting up with some of Paul's college friends from Ecola at Cannon Beach. The picnic was great; beach, relaxation, sun - picnics in the park are always lovely. 

[above photos taken by Autumn Wills]

Paul has been talking about his Ecola friends for as long as I have known him. It was a pleasure to finally meet them - they were kind and welcoming. I totally understood why he liked them so much! And the beach was gorgeous.

Later Paul and I grabbed some cold Starbucks and headed out around Seattle, having fun in Trader Joes (a fancy one in West Seattle) and racing through Costco. It was a successful trip. Well worth it. We met up with friends (Rebekah and Tony) for a bit before winding our way home - we didn't make it home until midnight, where our housemates were awake and ready to help us unload - now that's a treat!

Sunday we slept in and then spent the morning tidying and organizing and cleaning. The house was slowly being whipped into shape. And boy was I glad for that! Then it was time for church - I love our family and our friends - how great to be together. 

Also at church I almost matched Lindsay - great minds dress alike!

After church we pulled out our new fire pit ($50 from Walmart) and roasted smokies on our deck, and made s'mores with our roomies. We laughed and talked and drank homemade Black tea lemonade  It was perfect. I even went to bed early, just for fun. 

Monday was a holiday  a classic summer day in BC. We woke up bright and early and headed to the lake, floaties and lunch in hand. Two of our students and my sisters family came - I love water time with my nephews. We played Frisbee in the water, floated and read, took float trips with the boys and sat around and chatted. I got to fool around with the boys and Paul tossed me in more times than I can count. We got home happy and rested and ready to have friends over for a lazy summer evening on the patio. The McCarthy's brought Indian leftovers, and I made some chicken skewers and roasted veggies and it was a lovely evening. Perfect way to end an weekend. 

All in all, sitting here on a Tuesday after a long weekend, I can say that this was a great weekend - and I feel ready to face a new week - knowing that next weekend brings more sun and lake days. Thank you Jesus. 

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